In early 2008 two guys met at a co-working space after leaving their home countries to come to San Francisco / Silicon Valley with their startups.

Two years later they decided to join forces and enter a new industry. After a successful first effort they decided to mix their passion for technology and startups with Real-Estate, and what better way than to buy a building to provide space for startups in SOMA.

After a lot of blood, sweat and more sweat they turned what was previously a run down building into one of the best spaces to base in SF.

StartupHQ, located at 185 Clara St & 880 Harrison St first opened its private spaces in June 2011, and our ground floor Open Space in April 2012. The building is filled with like minded teams working on their next game changing idea. If you are the type of person who never gives up, is passionate about what you are doing and willing to go the extra mile to win then you will be a good fit for the community here.


StartupHQ 4 Month Conversion

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